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Dog Direction
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Dog Direction specialises in puppy training, and offers private dog training programs, group dog training, dog day training, dog day care, and dog sitting for dogs of all ages as well as our Puppy School. Our aim is to have you enjoy being with your dog and to be able to include your dog in daily life.  Every dog needs direction!

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Puppy Training

Our puppy training lays the foundations that sets your puppy up to become a well behaved, well socialised member of your family.
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Group Dog Training

Our Group Dog Training classes are run at various times throughout the year and offer an opportunity to learn basic obedience and socialise your dog at the same time.
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Private Dog Training

Our one on one dog training incorporates all the training foundations for your dog and builds on them to set you and your dog well on your way to reaching your training goals.
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Happy Dogs, Happy People

“Amazing Results”

“I have persisted with the training with Izzy with fantastic results. She stays on command and stops at doorways. I am able to control her in all situations. She has responded so well I am amazed. I want to thank you for what you’ve taught, I am so thankful to have such a great result in such a short time, both Izzy and I are the better for it!”

Beth & Izzy

“Really knows her stuff”

“Hannah knows exactly what she is talking about and you can just tell how much she understands and loves animals!! My little puppy buddy has come so far already and so many little problems were fixed after just one session. Hannah has a very honest and realistic approach and I already feel like I understand my puppy so much better!”

Kelly Evans



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