Dog Day Training


Dog Day Care With A Difference!

Dog Day Care incorporating training for your dog.

Let your dog spend his or her day with us and we’ll not only make sure they are well looked after but we also provide training to help them become a more relaxed, socialized, and well-rounded dog.

puppy training at port douglas puppy school

Day Care With Training

While we care for your dog during the day we provide customised training for foundation behaviours and focus on structured socialisation to teach your dog how to interact appropriately with other dogs and build their social skills. This is a great opportunity for young dogs and puppies and compliments our private foundation training programs.

How does our Day Training Program work?

  • A holistic approach to teaching basic training and lifestyle skills for your dog 
  • Your dog spends 1 to 2 days per week with us to work on these skills
  • Each week your dog learns something new 
  • It’s suitable for dogs and puppies that don’t have major behavioural problems
  • Your dog is able to socialise with other dogs in a controlled and structured way to help them develop appropriate social skills
  • We give individual training support throughout the program and continued attendance 
  • Clients have access to the private Facebook group for photos and videos from the day
  • Helps maintain your dogs training and social skills
  • You will have a tired dog at the end of the day!
A safe and social environment for your dog.
puppy sitting puppy school port douglas
Time to play and enjoy new experiences.
playing puppy port douglas puppy school

Training for foundation behaviours and essential commands.


Happy Dogs, Happy People

“Huge Improvement”

“Thank you so much Hannah for the past 5 weeks!!! I have seen a huge improvement in Henley’s behaviour. Looking forward to working with you more. I will highly recommend you to everyone ”

Sherie Wyatt

“The Best Time”

“Peppa had the best time today Hannah. Thanks for making us feel so comfortable and we look forward to next week”

Aimee Watson

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