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Our Training Regulations are outlined below. Please ensure you have read and understood them.  The following forms can be downloaded or completed online as indicated.

Please download. Read, sign and bring with you when you visit Dog Direction.

Follow link to complete and submit online form.

Follow link to complete and submit online form.

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Dog Direction Training Regulations

  1. Classes need to be paid for at the time of registration to hold a spot. Registrations sent without payment may not be held if payment isn’t received at least 48 hours before class or if you haven’t organised to pay on the day with cash.
  2. Refunds for classes may be given if the request is received 24 hours before the class start time. No refunds will be given for requests received within the 24 before class starts or after the session has begun. Any classes missed throughout the course is your own responsibility and refunds will not be given.
  3. Make-up classes are not typically available for missed classes. If arrangements are made in advance, the instructor may be able to meet with clients fifteen minutes before class start for a catch up session to go over what was missed if arranged prior with the instructor. Private sessions are also available for an additional fee.
  4. Only one handler per dog from commencement to completion of the course, as it is not fair on the dog to have several handlers who may have different abilities, and fill in handlers could pose a higher risk to others.
  5. If your dog is sick, please do not bring them to class and let your instructor know. If you have a question about what is allowed in class, please contact the instructor. You are encouraged to come to class without your dog to see what is covered that day. A catch up session may be arranged with the instructor. Unvaccinated dogs will not be permitted to participate in class.
  6. Dogs in heat are not allowed to attend class as it is a distraction to other dogs. You are encouraged to come to class without your dog to see what was covered that day.
  7. The instructor reserves the right to expel clients who do not adhere to the operating policies, or who in the instructor’s opinion is not capable of ensuring a safe standard of control of their dog, or any persons who increase potential risk to themselves, instructors, clients or bystanders.
  8. Dogs who show aggression towards people or other dogs may not be suited to group training and private sessions may be recommended in these cases. Please be sure to disclose any aggressive tendencies that your dog may have to the instructor prior to registering for every ones safety. This does not necessarily mean you will not be able to participate in class.
  9. Dogs MUST be on leash at all times on the property as safety is of utmost importance. Please keep a distance of at least 3 metres between dogs. Dogs are not to socialise on property before or after class.
  10. Please clean up after your dog.
  11. Please don’t allow dogs to meet in class unless the instructor gives permission.
  12. Children must be supervised by an additional adult so the primary handler of the dog can devote their full attention to class.
  13. No people on the training field except instructors and handlers, all spectators must observe from the sideline and are not to come on the training field.
  14. No handlers under the age of 14 unless prior arrangement is made with the instructor and it is deemed that the handler is capable of maintaining control of and handling the dog registered for class.
  15. Closed in footwear MUST be worn by handlers on the field at ALL times. If you come to class without safe footwear you will not be able to participate as it is a safety risk to everyone if you slip and lose control of your dog.
  16. All equipment used by clients in class (collars, leads, etc) must be in good condition and in good working order. If you have a frayed leash, or a collar that is not very strong you will be required to change it to something that is safe and in good working condition. Strong buckled collars are preferred. Please do not bring your dog to class on a harness. No retractable leashes.

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