Group Dog Training


Reach your training goals!

Everything you do with your dog is training, and the journey of learning never ends.

Hannah shares her knowledge with clients to empower them to implement the training their dog needs. Programs focus on the client’s needs just as much as the dog’s needs, as both are equally important for continued success.

puppy training at port douglas puppy school

Why Group Training?

We take a holistic approach to training by evaluating what happens on a daily basis and how we can help you improve and build on your relationship with your dog by creating clear communication and leadership with trust and balance.
Calmly, confidently meeting new friends.
puppy sitting puppy school port douglas
New Experiences
Learn how to teach your dog to work with you.
playing puppy port douglas puppy school
Help your dog reach their full learning potential.


Happy Dogs, Happy People


“Thank you so very much Hannah. Our dog is so better behaved. What you told us is so helping us. Really – it is brilliant.”


“It Worked!”

“Thank you so much Hannah, tonight we did what you told us and it worked we are so impressed.
Thank you again.”

Robyn and Karl

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